Readings and learning to trust your own intuition!  That is what it is all about!  Learn more below!

Welcome to the Sam Black Academy!

I am so excited to have you here!

Within this academy you will find opportunities for coaching, memberships and a variety of courses and promotions...all designed to help you grow and call forward whatever it is that you would like more of in your life!

With over 30 years experience sharing insight and messages, what is most important to me is that you learn to trust your own intuition and live your best life!  It is my desire to serve you and to serve Spirit through education, support and authenticity!

It is time to shine!  Shine on YOUR terms and with YOUR gifts!  

Available Opportunities

50 Minute Psychic Medium Reading

Join International Psychic Medium, Sam Black, for a one on one Psychic Medium reading!  Psychic is all about you and your path, and Mediumship is when the message comes from Spirit!  Sam has been celebrated for her ability to bring forward evidence of live on the Spirit side of life.  

"I went into my first ever reading with low expectations, an open mind and Sam blew me away.  The relevance and accuracy of messages she delivered were incredible...I am stunned of her true abilities.  Thank you!  This went a long way!"  ~  Emille

30 Minute Psychic Reading

Join International Psychic Medium, Sam Black for a one on one psychic reading!  Through this reading you will gain insight about your path and what is coming up for you!  Sam has been celebrated for her accuracy and calming personality.  

"Highly recommend Sam!  I had a reading and took her Chakra Bootcamp...Sam is insightful, dynamic and BANG ON!!  Want clarity or feeling a little stuck?  Sam is your girl!"  ~  Lynne R-F

Palmistry 101

What if the insight that you were looking for was already in the palm of your hands?  And it is!  Join International Psychic Medium, Sam Black, on a 6 week introductory course to palmistry!  

Journey to Intuition Development

Have you ever just known or felt that something big was about to happen?  Had an unexplainable urge to check up on someone to find out they need you or were just thinking about you too?

We all have intuitive abilities!  

Chakra Bootcamp

The wisdom of chakras has been passed down for hundreds of years.  When you understand the chakra system and your chakra energy, you can then better understand who you are, how you operate and how to bring healing into your life!

Grounded Roots Intuitive Guidance Deck

This 78 card oracle deck was created by International Psychic Medium, Sam Black, and was inspired by Spirit.  This deck has a grounding, warm and Canadiana feel and is sure to help you gain insight on your path.  Many use this deck daily for intuition, as a journalling prompt and to give psychic readings.  The beautiful illustrations were painted with water colours by Victoria Heryet.

Monday Intuition

Every Monday, I have been offering free readings on Facebook and I am excited to continue that tradition!  Each Monday you will receive am email with the cards and the link to see your readings once you trust your gut and choose a or b!!

Subscriber Hub and Free Resources!

This is your space to enjoy FREE Resources, Meditations and More!  Subscribe and enjoy instant access!  I will be adding to this hub for you on an ongoing basis, including easy access to my podcasts and interviews where I have been a guest, articles, and strategies for coaching, intuition, spiritual entrepreneurs and healing! You will also receive ONE email per month with upcoming events, information and fun!

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